It is no doubt that Chicago is a large, thriving city with much to offer the world. It has spawned some of the most popular music acts worldwide in the past 50 years. Those success stories do not exist in a vacuum though. Behind every Kanye, or Frankie Knuckles are the grass roots communities.

Without those communities supporting those artists, they would have never reached the levels of influence they enjoy now. In our current day and age we have never been more well equipped to support and encourage those actors on the city stage to improve their skills, gain recognition from their peers, and introduce people to brand new opportunities they’ve never had. Yet there is no concentrated effort to employ these tools to do just that. More often than not, talent comes to the city from elsewhere to use these communities to boost their own success to launch their careers. Once their goal has been achieved they tend to move onto the world stage in one fashion or another, and leave Chicago behind.
Our goal is to give back. To concentrate on the connections we make here in the city, and encourage new involvement and foster a supportive loving community. We intend to do this by hosting a party with unique Chicago based bookings, artists, and a concentration on an all-inclusive, no tolerance for intolerance, atmosphere and agenda. Relate will also make it our mission to donate a portion of the proceeds to local charities. Each event we will focus on a different charity related to issues important to our community.

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